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Our mission

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Ensure brands take control of their digital presence to improve reach, reputation and ultimately, revenue. We are a YOU-centered digital marketing agency. We take the time to understand your business goals and position your brand for growth.

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Candid and Clear

You should be able to trust the digital marketing agency you partner with. There’s no trust without transparency. Our team ensures that you have all the information you need to make decisions without any doubts through consistent reporting and transparent workflows.

Levelling Up

Digital marketing is a dynamic field and there’s always scope for growth. We constantly adapt our services to these changing parameters to continuously improve the results we generate for your business.

Answerable to You

Above all else, we uphold the principle of accountability. We take complete responsibility for your goals and make them ours to achieve. Our team of experts is taking constant efforts to safeguard your trust and brand identity.


One In a Million

At the risk of sounding cheesy, you are one in a million to us. We believe that very business, just like every individual, is unique and has a niche. As a principle to stand out from the noise, we at Profitcast never use templates. Our team is encouraged to experiment with disruptive innovations while creating the perfect tailor made strategy to promote your distinct brand online.

Ladder of Success

Profitcast believes that when our clients succeed, we succeed. That’s why our team of dedicated experts strive to guarantee customer success against all odds.

Better Together

Digital marketing is a complex field. To succeed, all the gears need to be working together and running smoothly. Our team fosters this principle when they work together and partner with you. Our communication is uncompromising, and we ensure that everyone is aware of the role they need to play to deliver high-performing digital marketing strategies.

What kinds of
businesses do we serve?

ALL kinds. We were only being rhetorical.

This is my love story with
digital marketing💓.

Creating and nurturing a business is what I’ve always been keen about.

After getting my engineering degree, I eventually broke away from software development to become a marketing associate for a consumer-first clothing brand. My biggest takeaway was the importance of customer satisfaction and how it makes or breaks a brand.

I was fascinated about influencing someone’s decision using hyper-targeted internet marketing strategies. This paved my way to a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. A year into working as a search engine marketing specialist, I understood that the ecosystem needed agencies keen on creating personalized strategies that brought visible results.

At this point, my vision was clear but I had to be sure of my decision. After going through multiple websites from South India and the world over, I realized not many offered design-centric, personalized and research-driven digital marketing services. To bridge the gap, I created a framework that helps in crafting personalized strategies.

This is when the first thought of creating a YOU-Centered Digital Marketing Agency came to mind. I wanted to serve my client to the fullest extent in terms of design, strategy and results. And thus, Profitcast was born.

Let’s give you the meaning of

Profitcast: /ˈprɒfɪtkɑːst/

Definition - A digital marketing agency that forecasts results and achieves them.

To reiterate, Profitcast believes in aesthetic designs, research, and data-driven strategies and a YOU-centered approach towards digital marketing.

You come first. You always will.

Profitcast creates disruptive innovations in the digital marketing realm.

Digital marketing has become saturated with overused templates and outdated techniques.Let’s work together to create strategies that position your business for growth.We want to help your business thrive!

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